Setbacks can be unforeseen and unwelcome in any venture. Let’s face it, they are a major pain in the tailpipe, and happen when you least expect it! I had such an experience lately. This is a tale of tragedy, battle, and redemption, and how my computer drop-kicked me (assassination-style) and went on strike.

I remember it well. It was a bright sunny day and I had received the first edited draft of my manuscript from my editor. About half-way through—when I was doing some important changes—my computer decided it was the best time to go rogue.Computer Setback

“She look busy… now I strike!”

Thankfully it wasn’t the blue screen of death, but (probably) a much more annoying sensor glitch in my keyboard that placed continual periods anywhere I could type. Even on the sign-in window when you turn the computer on! It looked like this when I created a new word document and left it open:

“I need to get my editing done!” I pleaded, begged, and threatened, but my laptop would hear none of it.

Before I invested some money into parts, I wanted to be sure the keyboard didn’t just need a thorough cleaning. So my IT guy prepped it for surgery.DSC01118

It was a strenuous time. What if my computer never woke up? What if now I got the blue screen of death? I watched anxiously as my IT guy did the slow delicate work.DSC01129

Look! It’s the smallest screw in the world! Well, smallest one I’ve seen anyway.DSC01130

When it was all done and my laptop was put back together from being cracked open like Humpty Dumpty, it loaded no problem. But my relief was short lived. My computer awoke with a vengeance and laughed in my face.

“I LIVE! I shall not be defeated!”

I fought with it for a time. A battle of wills. My backspace pitted against the dreaded endless periods. There was no way I could finish my editing like this, so my IT guy lent me a spare computer and I finished my work on it. I placed my laptop in its corner of solitude, and there it stayed while I waited for my new keyboard to arrive.

I had removed all my important documents before the surgery, but needed my art programs to make the picture for this very tale. I made the picture and figured I’d try to write this post on my laptop and see if anything happened. So far so good… maybe it missed me so much it has decided to behave. For now.

Maybe it knows that if it acts up again I will have the new part and it will undergo the risky surgery. In either case, I am happy to announce I have gotten through this post glitch free.

Do you have any setbacks you’d like to share? Leave a comment and tell your very own tale.

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