Enjoy Your Final Weeks of Summer


Is it September already? My, how time flies doesn’t it? In this post I will be taking a peek at where I’ve been, what’s in store for my book, The Knight’s Order, and talk about a Facebook page readers will want to check out.

It feels fitting that Labour Day (or Labor Day as the Americans prefer) should fall on the day I send off all my documents of The Knight’s Order to the interior designer. I’ve toiled and stressed for months now, and it’s nice to take a break.

The work isn’t over, but the holiday symbolizes the midway point of my project. The writing, editing, and cover are complete, now there is formatting, publishing, and marketing to wade through.

I’m grateful for this great opportunity I received for the formatting of The Knight’s Order. Back in April, I was selected as the winner for free book formatting through the Indie Author Fringe hosted by the Alliance of Independent Authors. So now I will be working with Ali Cross who will design the interior of my novel.

Any updates about my computer?

Well I was still plagued by the dreaded dots. Then my computer decided to use the backspace instead. Checkmate! So it’s collecting dust while I’ve been using this temporary machine to get everything together for the interior designer.

So what is to come?

While Ali does her magic, I will be preparing for publishing, marketing, and updating my websites. I will be adding some background info on the The Knight’s Order page on my site soon. Also, I’ll be sharing some of my adventures about the process of creating my book.


The Knight’s Order COVER REVEAL next week.

So stay tuned for that!

There are only a few weeks until summer officially ends. Be sure to get out and enjoy it as much as you can. I know I will!

If you’d like to read more articles for sci-fi/fantasy fans, as well as for general readers, you can follow this Facebook page here. Don’t forget to like the page so you receive any new content that’s posted.

Here are a few examples:

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Alexsoo – I’m glad I don’t sick, and I hope that doesn’t change as I get older. What ever would I do on long trips then? 🙁

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And For Fantasy Fans:

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Alexsoo – Any Game of Thrones fans?

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Alexsoo – About a fantasy/western you might like.

SPFBO Review: Touch of Iron, by Timandra Whitecastle at Bibliotropic by Ria

Alexsoo – The cover looks really cool!


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