Highlights of the Week #2 [Book Cover Reveal]


For fantasy fans one and all! The Knight’s Order cover reveal is here. Don’t worry, there’s more! Come take a gander at the weekly book picks, reviews, content for readers, and more.

The Knight’s Order (Available now!)

book-coverAden wanted adventure.
Now, he only wants answers.

The day had been like any other. Another successful mission with Guardian Brant Cormell. Aden Fendrie was one step closer to knighthood. And then…

Goblins. People thought they were mere legend, whispered about only in the darkest corners. Shape-shifters that could appear as anyone. But the rumors were true. Nothing could have prepared Aden for that encounter, and now Cormell is the only one who stands between him and oblivion. Everything had been going according to plan, until that one fateful day when everything changed.

Immerse yourself in a mystical new world where magic rules supreme and every day is an action-packed adventure. Accompany the heroes along their journey through battle, tragedy, and intrigue that will rouse the imagination and dare you to fall in love with this suspense-filled fantasy.

Join Aden in his struggle for the truth. Will he fulfill his duty or choose revenge?

Did you know?

TODAY Is International Read an Ebook Day By: Daniel Berkowitz on Digital Publishing News for the 21st Century

Book Picks

Disclaimer: This is merely a list that has caught my attention. In no way can I ensure the quality is up to your standards. The choice to explore this content is entirely your call.

foreverlandForeverland Box Set By Tony Bertauski [Science Fiction]

Foreverland is a place where dreams come true — but for the people trapped on its islands, it’s a nightmare they have to escape. This action-packed trilogy about a sinister alternate reality will grip you to the end!

Alexsoo – Sounds something like the tv show LOST.

miss-landon-and-aubranaelMiss Landon and Aubranael By Charlotte E. English [Fantasy]

Sophia Landon, daughter of a poor clergyman, hopes to marry well to help her father. Unfortunately, she has no prospects — until she discovers another world beyond England, and a man who looks to a mysterious witch’s magic to win Sophia’s love.


Alexsoo – Excellent cover!

Reviews and Other Stuff by Ria on Bibliotropic

Content for Readers

JA is constantly browsing articles and loves to share them. Visit her Facebook Page to view more.

Alexsoo – If only it would ADD to your life. Some of us would live forever, and maybe others would take up reading xD



Alexsoo – I don’t normally add articles like this, but I found it so good I just had to share.


Alexsoo – Game reviews? Something I’ll have to look into at some point.

Other Fun Stuff

Skallagrim on Youtube

Alexsoo’s Updates

Book and Author News

I’ve been sorting through my papers, trying to organize everything I need for Book 2.

The interior design for Book 1 The Knight’s Order is still underway, and I’ll soon get at the updates for the website.

Relaxation and Fun

star-trek-enterpriseI’ve been watching Star Trek: Enterprise recently and I’m on Season 3 now.  It’s making me want to watch Voyager again. At some point I’ll be watching Deep Space Nine.

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