Highlights of the Week #3 [Autumn is Here]


Wondering what’s new this week? Well here are the highlights on what has caught my eye. Come take a gander at the weekly book picks, content for readers, and more.

Did you know?

Today is the first official day of autumn! Sometimes I’m more than happy winter is coming, but I feel the same dread this year as the people in the Game of Thrones do. I don’t want summer to end, but at least I still have fall before the snow. I know I shouldn’t complain. We have mild winters here compared to further north.  Well, my puppies still love it anyway. They have fun jumping through the snow in their little booties. Today really didn’t feel like autumn, though. Summer is still hanging in there!

Song of the Day

Autumn’s Here by Hawksley Workman


This is a picture I took at one of Hawksley’s concerts. At another one I went to, he was sick, and had some sound problems and he still sang for everyone.

Book Picks

Disclaimer: This is merely a list that has caught my attention. In no way can I ensure the quality is up to your standards. The choice to explore this content is entirely your call.

the-sentinel-mageThe Sentinel Mage By Emily Gee [Fantasy]

“Her haunting prose reads like Hans Christian Andersen for 21st-century adults” (Mindy Klasky, author of The Glasswrights series). As an ancient curse threatens to destroy the Seven Kingdoms, shapeshifter Innis must break the rules and transform into a man to protect the prince.


parasiteParasite by Darcy Coates [Science Fiction]

The year is 2296. We have established nearly six hundred stations across the known system. We believe we’re invincible. We aren’t. Not by a long shot. When a guard discovers an unidentified lifeform near her remote moon station, she disregards protocol to investigate it. The consequences are catastrophic. We have established nearly six hundred stations across the known system. The parasitic, shapeshifting alien spreads through them like wildfire. It cannot be reasoned with. It’s near-impossible to kill. And its sole purpose is to butcher every human it can find. We have established nearly six hundred stations across the known system. And we’re on the threshold of losing them all.


warrior-trilogyWarrior Trilogy By Don McQuinn [Fantasy]

“Terrific, the kind of exciting, involving tale that keeps you up nights” (Terry Brooks). In a post-apocalyptic world, two kingdoms battle for control of the sea, while Gan Moondark prepares the nomadic Dog People to join the fight. When strangers from the distant past appear, will they bring war or peace?

Content for Readers

Orders for comic books have hit a 20-year high By Andrew Liptak

Google Books will now make better suggestions on what to read next by by Sarah Perez

Alexsoo’s Updates

Book and Author News

The interior designer finished her work and it looks great! Now I will be getting set up on the retailer sites.

I’m still working on my bio, but I drew the pictures! I just need to scan them to the computer and tinker with them.

Oh and if you missed it: The Knight’s Order Page

Relaxation and Fun

star-trek-enterpriseStill on Season 3 of Star Trek: Enterprise. I’m not too keen on T’pol’s new outfit(s). tpol-colorsMaybe it is some Vulcan style, but her clothes remind me of the power rangers. The same outfit in different colors! (Yes, I used to watch them as a kid, and no I don’t know how I did) It might not be so bad if they wouldn’t keep changing the colors. I just wish she could wear the Starfleet uniform. There were a couple episodes that she did, and I keep hoping she’ll forget to change.  Look, even Hoshi’s jealous of how awesome T’pol looks in uniform.

good-tpolHoshi – “I wish I looked that good.”

T’pol – “Are you becoming emotional? Perhaps one day you will be as cool as I am.”






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