Indie Author Fringe: Frankfurt


Final Indie Author Fringe of 2016

It’s that time of year again. Tomorrow is the big day. I’ve learned a lot in the past year, and in part, it’s thanks to the hard work of the people who host and put together the Indie Author Fringe. It has also indirectly helped to get The Knight’s Order finished  by running their contests and giving me the chance to work with a professional interior designer. I love Indie Author Fringe time!

Soon, 24 hours of non-stop excitement. Are you ready?

I have my eye on a few events. Namely:

  • Key Clauses Indie Authors Need To Watch For in Trade Publishing Contracts by Toby Mundy

I’ve read articles by Kristine Kathryn Rusch [Business Musings: Introductory Remarks (Dealbreakers/Contracts)]. So, it will be interesting what Toby will add as well. Great info to know for authors who intend to work with publishers!

  • The Key To A Successful Author Business: Tracking
    by Gabriel Mercer

“the ins and outs of Amazon Associates accounts”

– right from the schedule on Self Publishing Advice website for the Indie Author Fringe

I always wondered what the ins and outs of it were. Should authors try it? What’s the benefit? Any drawbacks?

  • Should Indie Authors Go KDP Exclusive Or Go Wide?
    by Susan Kay Quinn & Pippa DaCosta

I’ve considered this for awhile. I think Amazon’s issue with scammers and other troubles swayed me to avoid exclusive, at least for my first book. It will be nice to hear more on this subject.

And of course much more to choose from! Everything Indie Author Fringe offers is insightful and informative, so be sure to check it out if you’re an author, or thinking about being an author. Or you are just curious. That’s okay too. 🙂

It’s amazing to have access to all this information! I appreciate it since I’m unable to attend all the book fairs in person. Looking forward to it.

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