Fantasy & Sci-Fi: Highlights of the Week #5


Wondering what’s new? Well here are the highlights on what has caught my eye. Come take a gander at the weekly book picks, book reviews, updates about The Knight’s Order, and more.

Did you know?

  • The Indie Author Fringe: Frankfurt was last weekend. You may be interested in it if you are an author, or are thinking about becoming an author. They have a lot of useful information. If you missed it, don’t worry. All the posts and videos will still be there for awhile.
  • October 26 is National Pumpkin Day. It makes sense I suppose. Our pumpkins will be all carved and ready for Halloween that’s just around the corner.
  • November is National Novel Writing Month, when authors can officially (or unofficially) try and write as many words for their novel as they can. Officially the goal is 50,000 words in 30 days. Since I’m still planning Knights of Mythreth Book 2, I expect my word count will be less. But, I really want to plug away and get a bunch done for Book 2, so I’ll keep you in the loop of how it’s progressing.

Book Picks

Disclaimer: This is merely a list that has caught my attention. In no way can I ensure the quality is up to your standards. The choice to explore this content is entirely your call.

atlantis-stolenAtlantis Stolen By Christopher Cartwright [Action and Adventure]

A catastrophe is on the horizon that could wipe out human civilization — and the key to survival is hidden away in the lost, sunken city of Atlantis. Can marine biologist Sam Reilly crack an ancient code and save the world?


Alexsoo: Sounds like it could have potential if you like an action and adventure mystery.

the-iron-shipThe Iron Ship By K. M. McKinley [Fantasy]

To unearth the secrets of a lost civilization, ambitious industrialist Trassan leads a death-defying expedition across a mysterious sea… Magic and science meet intrigue and adventure in this enthralling epic set in a unique fantasy world!


Alexsoo: Now that sounds like a cool adventure!

the-sanctuary-seriesThe Sanctuary Series: Volumes 1–3 By Robert J. Crane [Fantasy]

After a guild of explorers called Sanctuary saves warrior Cyrus Davidon from a dragon, he leaves home to join them — and embarks on a quest to protect the world of Arkaria. The first three books of this fantastical series will leave you awestruck and hungry for more!

Reviews and Other Stuff

by Ria on Bibliotropic

Other Fun Stuff

Skallagrim on Youtube

Blood and Iron HEMA on Youtube

Alexsoo’s Updates

Book and Author News

The Knight’s Order rank on Amazon US reached #242 in the fairy tales category (best was #244 previously). *happy dance*


On Amazon Canada, my rank reached #24 at one point in the mythology category (on page 2).  It reached page 2 of mythology again, ranked at #37. It was located right after Lord of the Rings! *swoons*

I also received my first review. A pretty good one too! My thanks go out to the one who posted it! 🙂


The paperback is now available on Amazon USA and UK (book flip and images of front and back cover)and the pdf “see inside” on USA site


A glimpse into Knights of Mythreth Book 2:

I’m currently researching volcanoes 😉

Relaxation and Fun

oblivionI’m playing Oblivion for the second time. I haven’t played it for awhile, and I really felt like a fantasy game that I haven’t explored too recently. This time, I’m an arrow slinging, sword swinging, acrobatic thief with some magic abilities.

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