Fantasy & Sci-Fi: Highlights of the Week #6


Wondering what’s new this week? Well here are the highlights on what has caught my eye. Come take a gander at the weekly book picks, content for readers, updates about The Knight’s Order, and more.

Did you know?

the-iron-shipDoes this look familiar? It did to me. I happened to find a review on this novel that caught my eye some time ago.

The Iron Ship by K. M. McKinley on Fantasy-Faction

Book Picks

Disclaimer: This is merely a list that has caught my attention. In no way can I ensure the quality is up to your standards. The choice to explore this content is entirely your call.

the-last-firewallThe Last Firewall By William Hertling [Science Fiction]

The year is 2035, and artificial intelligence is the norm. Strict rules exist to prevent war between humans and robots. But when one AI finds a way to conquer mankind, Catherine Matthews will be the only one standing between it and world domination.


Alexsoo: Book 3 in the series so you might want to start at Book 1. Cover looks neat.

plague-yearPlague Year By Jeff Carlson [Science Fiction]

When a nanotechnology ravages Earth’s living creatures, only those who inhabit the highest mountains survive. Now a man in California and a scientist on the International Space Station must risk everything to save humanity. “Harrowing” (James Rollins).


Alexsoo: Sounds something like The 100, but maybe even better?

the-amber-projectThe Amber Project By J.N. Chaney [Science Fiction]

When a dangerous gas sweeps across the planet, survivors are forced to move underground. But a stunning breakthrough leads to genetically modified soldiers — ones who must endure their unexpected new world.


Alexsoo: More interesting sci-fi again this time.

Reviews and Other Stuff by Ria on Bibliotropic

Alexsoo: If you liked Phantom of the Opera you may like this too.

Content for Readers

Alexsoo: Worldwide giveaway 🙂

Other Fun Stuff – On Youtube



Alexsoo’s Updates

Book and Author News

Looking for more reviews, so please remember to leave one on Amazon or Goodreads.

**My thanks to those who have already done so!**

The Knight’s Order rank on Amazon US reached #92 in the fairy tales category (best was #242 previously).


I had some surprisingly wonderful interest in my book recently from Brazil, Germany, and India.

Amazon Germany reached #23 in Mythology


Amazon Brazil reached #69 in Mythology


And was right ahead of God of War 2 and Neil Gaiman’s American Gods when it was #70


Amazon India reached #52 in Myths and Legends


The paperback is now available pretty much everywhere 🙂


A glimpse into Knights of Mythreth Book 2:

I’ve been doing research into volcanic rocks and working on the title and story-line.

Be sure to sign up to my newsletter for early access when Book 2 is ready, and so you have the opportunity to enter contests I may run.

Relaxation and Fun

Still adventuring in Oblivion. I ran into a Minotaur and it wasn’t happy, nor friendly.


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