Indie Author Fringe (2/3) 2017: Book Promotion


The Second Indie Author Fringe of 2017

Book Promotion

Time flies, and it’s Indie Author Fringe time again. Today! This is the second one of the year and will be covering book promotion. Here I will cover some of my thoughts and mention the sessions I think will be of great interest.

Indie Author Fringe Agenda and Sessions

This Fringe looks pretty exciting. I like the cover competition they’ve set up. It would be better if it was per genre, but I understand that the number of winnings limits it a bit. I’m just grateful they offer it at all. It’s a nice addition to the Fringe.

This Fringe they are covering Book Promotion. I’m not at a level to deeply delve into this, but a little promotion here and there is good, even if you only have one book so far. In the spirit of this event, The Knight’s Order will be 0.99  USD for the entire month of June. Or, there are still 83 FREE copies available here on Inkitt.

Now, back to the Fringe!

Some of the sessions that have caught my eye are:

A beneficial resource to know!

Broad marketing isn’t as effective as targeting a specific audience.

Ya, what is it? I want to know.

#1 – Have more than one book, I can tell you that right of the bat.

More reach is good.

Still on the fence about this one. Not sure if it’s worth it for me yet, so this session will help me decide!

A need-to-know session for me! My site needs a bit of work.

I use it, so I’m interested.

I can see audiobooks becoming more popular if podcasts are too.

Not sure if I’d ever do this, but it’s a neat idea!

Is it? I can’t wait to find out.

Another beneficial resource!

Not sure if it will be covered in this session, but I hope author reviewing will be mentioned.

As you can see there is tons of information here. These are just the highlights I’m excited for, there’s lots more! So I hope you take this opportunity to learn if you are a new, veteran, or aspiring author.

What session most interests you?

The Indie Author Fringe is going on RIGHT NOW. I hope to see you there!


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