Indie Author Fringe (3/3) 2017: Indie Author Business


The Final Indie Author Fringe of 2017

Indie Author Business

The final Indie Author Fringe of 2017 is here and will be focused on running an indie author business. Here I will cover some of my thoughts and mention the sessions I think will be of great interest.

Indie Author Fringe Agenda and Sessions

In the time leading up to the Fringe, they hosted a Back Book Competition! Be sure to check in and see the finalist.

Why take the time to check out the Indie Author Fringe?

All FREE information about the business side of being an indie author! So take the opportunity and learn if you want to be an author.

Now, back to the Fringe!

Some of the sessions that have caught my eye are:

There’re more options than just writing books. Find out what they are here.

How can they? I want to know!

Are indie authors more accepted there now? It will be interesting to find out.

More on the business side of things.

And a bit about advertising!

You can find topics like these, and more, by visiting the Fringe. So I hope you take this opportunity to learn if you are a new, veteran, or aspiring author.

What session most interests you? I hope to see you there!

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