SPFBO5 is Here! Fantasy Fans, Check This Out!


New fantasy worlds lurk just beyond the horizon. Hosted by Mark Lawrence, SPFBO5, the fifth Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off is now underway. There are many different fantasy styles and sub-genres to peruse, so check it out!

Reviews are on the way of these many books, so stay tuned. If there’s a book that catches your eye you can wait to see if it gets reviewed, or throw caution to the wind and jump into the adventure. It’s all up to you!

I wish the best of luck to all the authors!

Last year, The KNIGHT’S ORDER was selected as a hopeful for SPFBO4 on the Weatherwax Report and received a wonderful review from Esme. For some SPFBO5 reviews, check here!

For SPFBO5, my new book didn’t quite make the 40,000-word requirement so I decided to release it later this year to better prepare for release day and finish book two. What new book, you say? AND a book two, you say!? More on that coming soon [preview info here].

So for now, keep your eye on SPFBO5 and discover some great new reads. I know I will!

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