An Interview with the Amazing Artist, Hugh Pindur


The Artist Behind the Art

For those who are unaware, the covers of the books, The Knight’s Order and the upcoming Blood Branded, have been done by the talented artist, Hugh Pindur. I’m excited to announce that he’s generously agreed to let us pry into his life answer a Q&A so we can learn more about the artist behind the art.

Alexsoo: What inspired your direction toward the arts? When you were young, was there anything else you dreamed of doing?

Hugh: I guess I grew up as a loner and we moved around A LOT. So drawing in my sketchbook kept me company, and out of trouble! Well, when I was young I wanted to be a fighter pilot:) I didn’t consider a “career” in art as in fantasy art until I was 34;

it’s never too late to change directions…

 until it is.

Alexsoo: What was your first piece of work you felt proud to show off to the public?

Hugh: This “viking queen,” was my first painting I showed the public… stupid internet, now there’s a permanent record of everything.

viking queen.jpg

Alexsoo: Are there any areas of your work you’d like to expand your experience with?

Hugh: I need to do more traditional art with actual pen on paper. Digital art has become so fast and easy, but it lacks a certain character. So this year I am participation in Inktober…. I’m forcing myself to draw 31 traditional drawings/sketches!

Alexsoo: What’s the process you go through when creating a piece of work?

Hugh: The first thing I do is come up with the general scene in my head. I mull it over a fair bit before I even start sketching, this way when I encounter a blank sheet of paper I have a plan in place.

Alexsoo: Congratulations on your work with Magic: The Gathering! How does it feel reaching this achievement? Any new goals or plans for the future?

Hugh: Thank you. The novelty was pretty cool, especially seeing it on the actual cards and holding in my hands. I think I’d like to start and try to start selling prints online and make  “illustration” a larger part of my income, as of right now it’s just hobby.

Alexsoo: If you could work with a team of artists on a project, who would you want on that team?

Hugh: That’s a tough question. I look up to and respect so many, but

I am a lone wolf…

I’m not sure how well my art making process would fit within a team scenario. I think knowing what ones strengths and weakness are can be super helpful when it comes to not getting in over your head on projects. I’ve done that a couple times, and it was not a good feeling… so I’d like to avoid repeating it as much as possible!

Alexsoo: What type of artwork do you most enjoy working on? (scenery, creatures, characters, a mix of different things?)


I like to tell stories with my images.

They are primarily character based, but there is awakes a narrative around them. I particularly like putting them in scenarios where the outcome is in question.

Alexsoo: What are the challenges you face in your work?

Hugh: Time. Lack of time. A full-time day job… a family… the only time I have to do art is when everyone is in bed and there are fewer distractions. And because of the lack of time I can only work on 1 or 2 images at a time so I don’t produce as much work as other artists so it’s hard to keep up in that regard… especially when it comes to updating social media – you can’t show new work if there is no new work to show!

Alexsoo: If someone is new or starting out in your field, what’s the best piece of advice for them?

Hugh: Don’t rush. Accept that it take YEARS AND YEARS to develop the necessary skills. And there are ZERO shortcuts. You get out of art what you put into it.

Alexsoo: Fantasy has seemed to be your focus. Do you see yourself spreading your talents into science fiction (or others), or is fantasy your passion?

Hugh: Not really, I’ve dabbled a little, but

fantasy just feels right…

so I’ll stay here until I feel differently.

Alexsoo: You did a marvelous job on the cover for Blood Branded. Were there any challenges?

Hugh: I think the main challenge was trying to tell a story within the limited space of the silhouette of the character. I think worked out well, but it took some playing with to get it to work… as is the way with all paintings – each one presents it’s own unique challenges even if it’s similar to another one.

Alexsoo: Do you have any hobbies or what do you do for relaxation?

Hugh: If it wasn’t for running I’d go insane. Starting a run while it is still dark and the air is crisp and then seeing the sun rise is 100%, hands down, my favourite thing in the whole world.

Alexsoo: If you won a million dollars today, what would you do with it and would you continue with your art?

Hugh: I think I would only do art. And run. I would run and do art!

Alexsoo: Thanks, Hugh. We can’t wait to see more of your work!

You can follow Hugh’s work on Artstation, Twitter, and Facebook

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