J.A. Alexsoo lives in Ontario, Canada, and has forever been a fan of fantasy and science fiction. When not working on writing or imagining new adventures, she tours the lands with her two trusty canine companions.

J.A. Alexsoo is a writer and author of The Knight’s Order. She has also published a short story with Reader’s Digest: Our Canada called A Gift Without Wrapping. Exciting news on the horizon! Her new book BLOOD BRANDED is scheduled to be released October 1st!

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Hi! Julie here!

Thanks for visiting. I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through my little corner of the interweb. I’m honored that you are curious about me, so here’s more, just for you!

A Fan of Fantasy & Science Fiction

Ever since I was young, I loved fantasy. Knights, dragons, and magic (oh my!). I find sword-play fascinating, though I’ve never tried it myself. Probably all those novels have rubbed off on me.

If you love any and all things Fantasy & Science Fiction related, then you’ll like my website. Topics on books, movies, video-games, you name it, you’ll find it here. I’ve been focusing on writing of late, so not as many updates on other topics as much as I would like.

Always enjoyed science fiction as well. Grew up (well when I was old enough, parents, you know how it is) watching Sliders, X-Files, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Outer Limits, and remember those Alien movies!?

A Reader

Fantasy. That’s the section you can find me in any bookstore. And lucky for me, science fiction isn’t far from there usually. I have read many different books, but I always faithfully return to those genres. The first book that ignited my love of reading was Dragonlance: The Legend of Huma.

A Gamer

Roguish archer! That’s me… though magic is pretty cool. So many choices!

A Proud Pet Parent

I had cats growing up, so it was an interesting change when I got a dog a few years ago. Now I have two, and I’m convinced they are the cutest pomeranians I’ve ever seen (although all dogs and cats are adorable).

Animal and Nature Advocate

I have an education in biology and environmental studies, so of course I am. I hope we can learn to do more to protect our environment. There are many wonderful people doing their part. Please recycle and compost when you can.

My goal is that once I am more established and have the means and resources, I intend to do all I can to advocate for the rights and health of both pets and wild animals alike. If you have a dog (or even a cat), please use a harness, NOT a collar, when walking your pet.


My new book BLOOD BRANDED is scheduled for release in October. If you’d like to peruse my other work, please visit The Knight’s Order Page.

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Thanks for reading. I can’t wait to meet you!


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