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Enjoy Your Final Weeks of Summer

Is it September already? My, how time flies doesn’t it? In this post I will be taking a peek at where I’ve been, what’s in store for my book, The Knight’s Order, and talk about a Facebook page readers will want to check out. read more


Setbacks can be unforeseen and unwelcome in any venture. Let’s face it, they are a major pain in the tailpipe, and happen when you least expect it! I had such an experience lately. This is a tale of tragedy, battle, and redemption, and how my computer drop-kicked me (assassination-style) and went on strike. read more

Self-Publishing Choices

Another Indie Author Fringe, another boat load of great information. I was ready for it this time, though, devouring each precious tidbit until there was no more. Now, armed with knowledge, I can better reflect on my self-publishing choices. Here I will discuss one of the things I learned from the Indie Author Fringe, and how it affects my publishing plan. read more

Information Overload

Do you ever feel bogged down with too much info sometimes? That’s how I’ve been feeling the past couple days. As I mentioned before, I’m preparing a novel for publication so I have been doing a lot of research on all aspects about it. Luckily, I’ve already finished looking into editors, and have my manuscript ready and waiting in queue (more on that adventure in another post). read more

The Beginning

Hi everyone! My blog is now up and running. read more

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