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Indie Author Fringe (2/3) 2017: Book Promotion

The Second Indie Author Fringe of 2017

Book Promotion

Time flies, and it’s Indie Author Fringe time again. Today! This is the second one of the year and will be covering book promotion. Here I will cover some of my thoughts and mention the sessions I think will be of great interest. read more

The First Indie Author Fringe of 2017

London Book Fair Fringe

It’s almost that time again, Indie Author Fringe time. Want to be an author or expand your knowledge of self-publishing? Start with this FREE online conference, hosted by the Alliance of Independent Authors! read more

Indie Author Fringe: Frankfurt

Final Indie Author Fringe of 2016

It’s that time of year again. Tomorrow is the big day. I’ve learned a lot in the past year, and in part, it’s thanks to the hard work of the people who host and put together the Indie Author Fringe. It has also indirectly helped to get The Knight’s Order finished  by running their contests and giving me the chance to work with a professional interior designer. I love Indie Author Fringe time! read more

Getting Smart With: Self-publishing Research

The internet has become the hub of all information known to man, a great source for research. The “airwaves” are buzzing with breaking news, and it is an era where you can witness an event across the globe as it unfolds. Technology is ever driving us forward, expanding our knowledge and our capabilities. read more

Getting Smart With: A Webinar

Recently, I joined a free webinar hosted by Beth Barany and C.S. Lakin. The topic was: Targeting Genre for Big Sales. I found their information very interesting. A good point they had was: what can work for one author (marketing, etc.) won’t necessarily work for all authors. You have to try and find what works best for you. read more

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