The Knight's Order (knights of mythreth)

Aden wanted adventure. Now he only wants answers.

The day had begun like any other. Another successful mission with Guardian Cormell. Aden Fendrie was one step closer to knighthood. And then…

Goblins. People thought they were mere legend, whispered about in only the darkest corners. Shape-shifters that could appear as anyone. But the rumors were true. Nothing could have prepared Aden for that encounter.

After all hope of catching the fiend is lost, Aden returns to duty. It isn’t until he’s drawn to renegade Frafnar that Aden learns of a secret mission to root out the one behind the attacks, and once again he faces the creature of his nightmares.

But the truth isn’t what it seems. Someone is pulling the strings, and nothing will get in the way of their vengeance. Not even the removal of their pawns.

Everything had been going according to plan, until that one fateful day when everything changed.

Immerse yourself in a mystical world where magic rules supreme and every day is an action-packed adventure. Accompany the heroes along a journey through battle, tragedy, and intrigue that will rouse the imagination and dare you to fall in love with this suspense-filled fantasy.

Join Aden in his struggle for the truth. Can he find the puppet master…
…or will Aden be the one dangling by a thread?

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What people are saying about it:

“Overall I liked this, it has a very classic feel to it with a mentor/trainee relationship taking center stage and familiar races like elves, dwarves, dragons etc. This will be for people who like coming of age stories set in epic high fantasy.” —The Weatherwax Report

“A real page turner!” Amazon US

“An intriguing fantasy with knights, orcs and goblins. A well paced read with clever twists. Can’t wait for book two!” A Goodreads Reader

“I really enjoyed this book with all the interesting characters and creatures. It held my interest and I wanted to know what was coming next. A fun read for sure, and I would definitely recommend it.” Amazon Canada



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