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Read The Knight’s Order for FREE (A Fantasy Adventure)

Free for a Limited Time

Want to read The Knight’s Order for FREE? Here’s your chance! If you love reading, books, and fantasy adventures, then try it out. There are 100 copies available, so get yours now! Show your friends how much you care by sharing this with them so they can get their copy too! read more

The First Indie Author Fringe of 2017

London Book Fair Fringe

It’s almost that time again, Indie Author Fringe time. Want to be an author or expand your knowledge of self-publishing? Start with this FREE online conference, hosted by the Alliance of Independent Authors! read more

Love is in the Air – Happy Valentine’s Day


In the spirit of the holiday I’d like to share one of my all-time favourite movies. It isn’t fantasy, but maybe you’d still enjoy it. read more

Fantasy & Sci-Fi: Highlights of the Week #8

Wondering what’s new this week? Well here are the highlights on what has caught my eye. Come take a gander at the weekly book picks, content for readers, interesting videos, and more. read more


And a happy new year!

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