Indie Author Fringe (3/3) 2017: Indie Author Business

The Final Indie Author Fringe of 2017

Indie Author Business

The final Indie Author Fringe of 2017 is here and will be focused on running an indie author business. Here I will cover some of my thoughts and mention the sessions I think will be of great interest. read more

Indie Author Fringe (2/3) 2017: Book Promotion

The Second Indie Author Fringe of 2017

Book Promotion

Time flies, and it’s Indie Author Fringe time again. Today! This is the second one of the year and will be covering book promotion. Here I will cover some of my thoughts and mention the sessions I think will be of great interest. read more

The First Indie Author Fringe of 2017

London Book Fair Fringe

It’s almost that time again, Indie Author Fringe time. Want to be an author or expand your knowledge of self-publishing? Start with this FREE online conference, hosted by the Alliance of Independent Authors! read more

Indie Author Day #PoweredByIndie

Indie Authors Unite!

Freedom. Control. Independence. These are the words that come to mind when describing an indie author. The freedom to choose what to write, when to write, and how our stories are told. The control of who we work with, our budget, and the final word on any aspect of our projects. The independence to know every step of the publishing system and what we need to do to make our dreams come true. Being an indie author is not only good for ourselves, but helps to stimulate the economy as we work with other professionals—editors, graphic artists, interior designers, etc—to prepare our books for the public. It’s fitting that we have a day to celebrate our accomplishments! read more

Self-Publishing Choices

Another Indie Author Fringe, another boat load of great information. I was ready for it this time, though, devouring each precious tidbit until there was no more. Now, armed with knowledge, I can better reflect on my self-publishing choices. Here I will discuss one of the things I learned from the Indie Author Fringe, and how it affects my publishing plan. read more

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